Training For Trainers



Training for Trainers

Do you want your staff to deliver training in house but feel they don't have the neccessary skills then read on... 
A three day professional development event for those new to training or wishing to refresh their skills

This event is limited to 10 staff who are delivering training in house or to external groups

This three day event is aimed at staff who wish to learn more about the different techniques, methodologies and skills involved in developing and delivering staff training or groupwork sessions with clients or patients

The learning objectives of the course include:

  • Understanding the basic principles of adult learning



  • Understanding different training methodologies


  • Understanding the nature and differences between aims and objectives


  • Understanding the processes of course development


  • Understanding the differences in delivering voluntary and mandatory courses


  • Understanding the nature of reflective learning and self evaluation

This event is delivered over three days with a gap of a week between the second and third days. This allows the particpants time to develop a session plan for a  30 minutes session on a subject of their choosing to be delivered on day three. This session will be peer evaluated with the opportunity for learning informed by fellow participants.

For further details of the course and how your organisation can secure a place on this event please contact: Allan Johnston on 07898 111 782