Parental Substance Misuse



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Children Affected by Parental Substance Misuse

One day session on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome:

The definition and nature of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and its prevalence within the UK and Ireland

Physical abnormalities associated with FAS in infancy, childhood and adolescence

Developmental issues associated with FAS in infancy, childhood and adolescence

Evidenced based examples of good practice in caring for children with FAS


Impact of FAS on adulthood 

One day session on the impact of substance misuse on children:


The nature of the impact of parental substance misuse on children and families


The impact of substance misuse on parenting capacity


How children's development can be impaired by parental substance misuse


The Integrated Assessment Framework and its use in working with children affected


Introduction to attachment theory and the concept of resilience



One day course on neglect as a result of parental substance misuse:


Discussion of the term neglect and what it means in practice


Thresholds and decision making


Assessment for neglect


Supporting families to alleviate the problems for children


Early interventions



One day course on the effect of alcohol misuse on the family:


Prevalence of alcohol misuse both nationally and locally


Alcohol misuse and its impact on children, families and communities


Similarities and differences between drug misuse and alcohol misuse in terms of impact on families


All of the above events are set within and include an update on the policy context within which working with families affected by parental substance misuse is set.