Motivational Interviewing



Motivational Interviewing

A one day introductory course on the basic principles and practice of Motivational Interviewing.

Each event will cover:

  • The principles and practical strategies employed in Motivational Interviewing


  • The use of Motivational Interviewing in relation to the Cycle of Change



  • The use of Motivational Interviewing techniques in various occupational settings



  • Practical examples of situations where Motivational Interviewing would be appropriate



  • The common traps that practitioners may encounter


The two day course will cover the areas included in the shorter event above, but will allow participants:


  • An extensive opportunity to practice the skills and techniques involved in Motivational Intervewing in a supportive peer led environment.


  • Allow staff to discuss the use of MI within their own specific occupational setting


  • Allow discussiuon on the use of MI in conjunction with other therapeutic interventions