Blood Borne Viruses


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Blood Borne Viruses:

One Day Introductory Course

This event will introduce participants to the three main viruses in one concise event.
 Each event will cover:

The history of each virus, Hepatitis B, C and HIV


The main transmission routes


Important terminology used in this field


The main referral pathways to testing


Issues arising from both positive and negative test results                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

The nature and adherence criteria for treatment


Stigma and attitudes


Hepatitis B



This half day event will look in detail at Hepatitis B including:



The nature of the disease and it main transmission routes



Treatments for those infected



The nature of the treatment involved



The availability and accessibility of immunisation



Treatment for infected infants



Contract Tracing and Partner Notification Procedures



Hepatitis C


This one day event will look in detail at Hepatitis C including:


The epidemiology of the disease


The prevalence amongst the drug injecting population and the general population as a whole


Methods of transmission



The patient care pathway


The nature of testing and referral pathways


Treatment modalities and their success rate


Issues for the infected patient and co-infection



A half day event which looks at HIV including:

Transmission routes




Stigma and Prejudice


Legal issues




Co-infection with Hep B and C