Allan Johnston
Senior Consultant
BA (Hons)
PGC in Management
Member of CMI

I have worked in the social care field for over 25 years 
Over the last 10 years I was a training officer and then Business Development Manager for the Scottish Government funded training organisation,
STRADA (Scottish Training in Drugs and Alcohol) based at the University of Glasgow.

have worked on the development of national policy  within the substance        misuse field I have sat on two policy working groups for the  Scottish Government

I have been invited to speak at national conferences in England, Wales and Scotland on the impact of substance misuse on children and families,young people and older people
I have written and delivered training modules on numerous areas relating to drug and alcohol misuse and its impact on the individual, the family and communities.

Between 2006 and 2010 I advised the Director of Drug and Alcohol Strategy for the Isle of Man Government

Over the last four years I have worked in partnership with Barnardo’s in North Wales to support their roll out of multidisciplinary training to staff, on the  impact of parental substance misuse on children and the use of therapeutic interventions when working with families affected.

I have delivered staff development programmes to community learning centres and agencies working in homelessness

I am a member of The Chartered Management Institute

I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Managing Drug and Alcohol Services

I have delivered briefings to agencies on Evaluation and Impact Assessment

I am the editor of the Institute of Counselling magazine


I am a member of the Corporate Affairs Board of COSCA

I deliver development events to charitable organisation's management committees on issues such as policy and legal compliance in terms of the requirements as laid down by the Office of the Charity Regulator

To discuss your requirements contact Allan Johnston 07898 111 782 or e mail us at